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Although your application may seem unusual to you, MISSION has probably seen it before.


MISSION RTU's Designed for Lift Stations More Information
Lift Station Cross SectionMISSION RTU's are available in two models. The M-110 provides comprehensive digital alarm point monitoring and hourly analog reports. The M-800 does everything the M-110 does, and adds real-time pump status, analogs, and automated control.
Don’t Pay For More Than You Need

Using traditional SCADA for the complex process control and large input/output needs that frequently occur in-plant makes sense. Bringing that level of complexity and cost into the simpler monitoring and control needs at lift stations does not. MISSION makes two systems so you can mix RTU’s and match them to your needs. Both RTU’s share a common electrical interface, come in the same enclosure choices, and have many of the same operational features. It is easy to evaluate this remarkable system as free 60 day evaluations are available; it’s a remarkable value as a complete system costs less than most dialers and a phone line.

Get MISSION RTU Data into Our Software and Yours

The MISSION system includes the use of all our web based SCADA software, software upgrades, and hosting and maintaining two customer web sites.  All technical support, and all wireless data and long distance telephone charges and archiving of the customers' historic device data is also included.  In addition, the MISSION system can send all your data through an OPC interface into your SCADA software.

Get Sophisticated SCADA Features For The Cost Of a Dialer

Graphs of Daily/Hourly Pump Runtimes and Starts – In addition to automatically collecting and posting runtimes and starts, MISSION’s software will chart and graph them too. The M-110 will collects up to three pump runtimes and starts while the M-800 will take up to eight. Both systems will also track and report simultaneous runtimes in duplex lift stations as well as automatically notify you if a pump exceeds an adjustable hourly starts threshold.

Automated Pump Problem Analysis of Daily Runtimes - Save money by letting the MISSION system catch pump problems before they turn into expensive alarm conditions. Save time by letting the MISSION software catch pumps that aren’t running in their normal variance parameters, and automatically alert plant management in a separate notification list.

Estimated Flow Calculations – The M-110 estimates flow by multiplying runtime times the draw down confirmed GPM of each pump. While you can connect a flow meter directly to an M800 and have it report and graph realtime flow, it can also calculate and report the volumetric flow calculations of each pump cycle.

RTU-to-RTU Automatic Control of Upstream Lift Stations – The real-time M-800 RTU will detect a high wet well level, send you an alarm and automatically call upstream lift stations with M-800s and shut down their pumps until the high level clears. Remote manual control of pumps or gates is also included.

Integrated Site Activity Logs – From its inception, MISSION has used electronic keys as an integrated part of tracks who is checking in and out of field sites.  This allows the operator to keep CMOM audit trails without resorting to soggy or illegible paper sheets kept at each station.

The Latest End-To-End Security - The best levels of security encompass multiple overlapping systems that maximize security throughout the whole system; MISSION uses this approach and meets the standards for communications that AWWA and Homeland Security have set.

Maintenance Free RTU’s, Wireless Links And…Everything – There is no maintenance for you to do on any MISSION RTU. If there is a RTU problem, you simply replace the board or radio at a guaranteed price that’s about 15% of a new unit; easy access to the RTU board and radio make changes a snap. If there a problem with a cell tower, the RTU will automatically connect to another one while the cellular carrier fixes it. MISSION maintains your web sites, databases, software…everything.

Easy Upgrades To Field RTU’s – It’s easy to upgrade the software in the field RTU; simply pop out the old chip and put in the new one. That’s all; it takes about 60 seconds. If you want to upgrade from a M-100 to a M-800, get a generous trade-in credit for your current unit; even if you’ve had it for years.

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