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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Model 800 RTU Data Sheet

MISSION combines AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Rogers cellular coverage with centralized computer services to offer a revolutionary, real time monitoring and control SCADA system.

It can stand alone, or replace or complement existing radio or phone line based SCADA systems.  It has never been easier or more economical to add a new site, replace troublesome sites or replace costly phone lines. It's extremely easy to use, and it installs in a few hours.  MISSION provides incredible web graphics to display real time analogs, digital status and control and/or seamlessly to your existing HMI computer using any OPC compliant software like Wonderware® or Intellution®.

There are no additional computers, contracts or licenses to obtain. MISSION handles all hardware and services.  Like the Model 110, MISSION's automated Control Center generates alarm and status notifications to your personnel via all pagers, e-mail, faxes, or voice phone calls. All alarms are easily confirmed by time and recipient, and tracked out to the problem site through electronic RTU service keys. The keys also track maintenance personnel activity while working on site.

The system handles standard SCADA functions such as continuous analog values, general alarms, pump run times/starts, real time storm surge flow monitoring, meter reading, and well or tank level monitoring with pump control. Continuous volumetric flow calculations and weekly management reports are included in the low monthly fee.

Most importantly to you, the MISSION system saves you money over existing telemetry and monitoring methods. It addition to its lower cost, it can save money in reduced labor and overtime with its advanced monitoring information and field personnel management tools. Now supervisors can conveniently oversee what's happening, who's responding and when it happened.

Feature Benefit
Utilizes GSM and CDMA data networks Latest "third generation" data service provides higher reliability than voice channels
Continuous, real-time connectivity - No polling.

- Digital input changes are updated as they occur (Field to Display in 5 seconds).

- Analog changes updated every 7 seconds to 2 minutes.

No radio networks or repeaters to maintain No additional sites to install, interference issues dealt with by telephone company personnel
End-to-end 128 bit data encryption Meets AWWA standards
Website and Java-based Real Time Viewer provide remote data access and relay control Confidence in unit and site's performance, ubiquitous access to your data
Two optional pulse counting inputs Connect flow meters or rainfall gauges
Supervised power supply with battery backup included Monitors and reports site status even when site power fails

All this at the price of many autodialers and less than the cost of most phone lines!



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